Ezra Henderson is a 18 year-old pop artist and songwriter from San Luis Obispo, CA. As a singer, producer, pianist, guitarist, drummer and hip-hop dancer, he commands the stage with passion, musicianship, and professionalism.

Ezra has performed with many national tours including, DigiTour, and The Daydream Tour. He’s opened for and shared stages with Cody Simpson, Skate Maloley, Jacob Whitesides, Jonah Marais, Sebastian Olzasnki, Reed Deming and more.

He delivers original music and cover songs with heartwarming sincerity and beautiful vocals. He draws crowds of all ages and stays late to connect with his waiting audience. Ezra also maintains great fan interaction through his fast-growing social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat).

In June 2016 Ezra independently released his “Paranoia” EP, which he wrote, performed and produced. In the same year, he also produced & released “Undiscovered“, a collection of covers, including a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Cold Water”.

For booking, please contact Deborah Kirk at 805-234-2304 or booking@ezrahenderson.com

Paranoia EP

New (June 2016) 5-song EP, written, performed, and produced by Ezra.




Below are select video clips of Ezra — for more, go to the “Videos” page on this site, or subscribe to Ezra’s YouTube channel.


Ezra recently performed on a 16 city tour in the US & Canada. He gained new fans in each city after performing his original music and connecting with the audience each night. Performing is his biggest passion, and you can see that in this video.


Ezra owns the stage and turns heads. This video from a West Coast Songwriters conference (Sept 2015) shows off his loop pedal and soloing skills, as well as his energy, range and stage presence. This cover has become one of his most requested live songs, and it is one of his favorites to perform.


Shortly after Justin Bieber released his single “Cold Water” with Major Lazer, Ezra produced, performed, and edited his own acoustic cover of the song. It shows Ezra’s vocal training & range, as well as the passion and emotion he brings to his work.


To announce the release of his EP, “Paranoia”, Ezra re-wrote the verses to a popular G Eazy song. He expressed his views on fan interaction, the music industry, and his personal life of being bullied for singing. With an interesting twist towards the end, this is definitely a fan favorite.

All original songs ©2012-2017 Deborah Kirk, Ezra Henderson, BubbaBear Music/ASCAP